Amazon Warrior


Personal Information
Race Human
Job Adventurer
Age Mid-20s
Gender Female
Rank Bronze
Affiliation Adventurer's Guild
Residence East Guild Town
Media Information
Light Novel Goblin Slayer Volume 2
Manga Chapter 11
"At least give them a good stab!"
-Line she says to Rookie warrior after saving his life during the Battle of the Farm Fields.

Amazon Warrior is a recurring background character whose most notable action was in the Battle of the Farm Fields.


She has long dark brown hair and wears a leather-reinforced corset with a cleavage window and a thong. She is by far the strongest and most musclebound woman yet seen in the Goblin Slayer Story. She also wields a very large halberd.


Goblin Slayer Manga Chapters 11-15

She is present in the tavern when Goblin Slayer makes his request of all the adventurers there to help him stop the massive Goblin Horde heading to the Dairy Farm just outside of town. She is initially uninterested, but soon agrees to join him after Guild Girl announces the price of one gold coin per goblin killed and remarked Goblin Slayer as "the weirdest quest giver ever". During the battle, she is shown slaying several Goblins, mostly after they manage to stop the Goblin Cavalry with a pike defense. She even manages to save the life of Rookie Warrior after he is nearly wounded by a goblin, but was saved by his new armor. She reminds him to "At least give it a good stab." She then goes on to fight the incoming horde of Goblin Champions. After the battle, she is seen with all the other adventurers celebrating their victory at the tavern.


Being an amazon she is endowed with great physical strength many more times than that of the average woman. As such she can swing around a giant halberd with great ease and accuracy.