Year One LN Vol 01-08

Goblin-Slayer-Gaiden Burglar (Manga)

Personal Information
Race Rhea
Gender Male
Media Information
Manga Goblin Slayer Gaiden: Year One - Chapter 1
"What have I got in my pocket?"
- Burglar questions Goblin Slayer an unfair riddle.

Burglar (), also known as Traveler, is Goblin Slayer's master and mentor.


Burglar has uneven teeth, though this is most likely due to his advanced age. He wears a mask made from a goblin's face.


Burglar acts in a demented and cruel manner, subjecting a young Goblin Slayer to a brutal training that is little different from torture. Despite his seeming lack of sanity, he rescued the young boy and spent years training Goblin Slayer's mind and body in order to become strong enough to kill goblins on his own. His misconducts aside, Burglar had help Goblin Slayer all without anything in return, demonstrating a capacity for sympathy and kindness.


Burglar first encountered Goblin Slayer after saving the young boy from being killed by the goblins that destroyed his village. He later trained Goblin Slayer up until they parted ways five years before the beginning of the story.



Burglar is a skilled and crafty fighter, relying on any method he can to defeat his enemies and achieve victory.


Burglar is shown to carry a shimmering short sword and wore platinum mail.