Captured Elven Scout



Personal Information
Race Elf
Status Badly injured
Job Elven settlement Scout
Gender Female
Media Information
Light Novel Goblin Slayer Volume 1
Manga Goblin Slayer Volume 1 chapter 6
Anime Goblin Slayer Episode 4
-Warning Goblin Slayer's party of a hidden goblin.

Elven Scout was a scout for a nearby Elven settlement in the forest who was sent into a recent goblin nest to spy and make a map of the ruins they were in.


She was completely naked when Goblin Slayer's party found her. As a result of brutal torture, the right side of her body is covered in numerous deep gashes, cuts, bruises, and burns. The Light Novel describes that her right nipple had been nearly severed off her breast. Her injuries have been toned down in the anime.


When the elves of a nearby forest settlement discovered that goblins had made a nest in some nearby ruins they sent the Elven Scout inside to spy on them and draw up a map of their locations and positions. Unfortunately in the middle of her mission, she was discovered and quickly captured. She was then taken to the waste den where she was stripped, chained up, and used for their amusement. Almost all her injuries through were on the right side of her body.

When Goblin Slayer's party enter the ruins they soon find themselves at a fork in the main level hallway. After avoiding the trap set at the fork, Goblin Slayer takes them down the right hallway instead of the obvious left one where the Goblins were coming from. They soon come to a door with an awful stench coming from it. Goblin Slayer kicks down the door. To everyone's horror they spot the Elven Scout chained to the wall covered in horrible wounds. High Elven Archer vomits at the site. Elven Scout then starts to speak saying "Kill". Realizing she's still alive, Priestess and High Elf Archer attempt to the make their way to her but are quickly blocked by Goblin Slayer. Elven Scout repeats her request to "kill." Goblin Slayer agrees and charges. Priestess, thinking Goblin Slayer is about to preform another mercy killing, calls out to him to stop. The Elven Scout then shouts for them to "Kill this thing!" and a hidden Goblin jumps out from behind her to attack Goblin Slayer, but is quickly killed. Once Goblin Slayer's party frees the Elven Scout they wrap her in a cloth blanket and have Lizardman Priest summon one of his Dragon-tooth warriors to carry her and a letter to the nearby Elven settlement. They find her pouch that has the map she had drawn up before her capture and use it to find their way to the main part of the ruins where the goblins were inhabiting. After the Party defeat the Ogre and all his Goblin minions, they leave the ruins and are met by several Elves who thank them for rescuing one of their kin.