Cow Girl's Uncle



Personal Information
Japanese 牛飼い娘の叔父
Romaji Ushikai musume no Oji
Race Human
Job Dairy Farmer
Gender Male
Affiliation Dairy Farm
  • Younger Sister (Deceased)
  • Brother-in-law (Deceased)
  • Cow Girl (Niece)
Media Information
Voice Actor Jarrod Greene
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 3
Anime Episode 2

Cow Girl's Uncle (牛飼い娘の叔父, Ushikai musume no Oji)[1] is the owner of the Dairy Farm, the uncle of Cow Girl and the landlord of Goblin Slayer.


Cow Girl's Uncle has brown hair, a pencil mustache, and wears a white shirt with grey pants.


His family has run a dairy farm just outside of town for several generations. When his younger sister married, she moved out of the Dairy Farm to her husband's village, leaving him the sole heir to the farm.


Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One

By sheer luck, he had gone to pick up his niece from her village before a goblin horde attacked it that night. Upon learning that the village had been completely decimated and that his sister was killed, he adopted his niece. Despite his efforts, his niece became reclusive and barely left the farm.

Five years later Goblin Slayer, passed by the farm and Cow Girl discovered he was her childhood friend. He approved her request to let him stay with them but informed that he had to pay rent. Although he was at first glad to see his niece happy again, but after asking Goblin Slayer if he had thought of settling down one day, Goblin Slayer simply stated that there were more goblins to kill, which led Cow Girl's Uncle to realize that Goblin Slayer had gone mad.

Goblin Slayer Volume 1

For the next five years he kept his relationship with Goblin Slayer mostly to a landlord and boarder relationship, as he assumed that Goblin Slayer was no longer sane.

However after Goblin Slayer's actions before the battle with the Goblin Lord, he came to realize that Goblin Slayer did indeed care for his niece's well being and did truly see her as a close friend. He started to accept the latter as he implored Goblin Slayer to be more open with Cow Girl as the latter stated he didn't know how.


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