Cow Girl's Uncle

Cow Girl lives with her uncle and helps with his farm after her village was destroyed. She disagrees with her uncle about Goblin Slayer, as he sees the adventurer as a mad man.


Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer regularly stays at her farm when he isn't working, and doesn't talk about her to others outside of necessity. Cow Girl has a very close relationship with him, constantly worrying about his dangerous and frankly unhealthy pursuits, being the subject of Goblin Slayer's concerns when it comes to her safety and well-being, and representing a home and peaceful life for him to return to.

She also blames herself for Goblin Slayer's current state, thinking that if she had brought him with her to the city when they were kids, he would have never experienced what he did.


Cow Girl seems to get along well with Priestess.