Dark Elf
LN Vol 03-10
Personal Information
Race Dark Elf
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation Evil Sect
Media Information
Light Novel Light Novel Volume 2 (cameo)
Light Novel Volume 3 (debut)
"I am the apostle of anarchy, recipient of a handout from the very gods of chaos themselves!"
- Dark Elf introduces himself to Goblin Slayer

Dark Elf is a major antagonist introduced in Volume 3 of the Goblin Slayer series. He is the individual responsible for unleashing goblins in the sewers of Water Town.


Dark Elf has dark skin and wearing clothing identical to a mage.


Dark Elf is an anarchist, who delights in bringing death and devastation. He can be quite cocky and condescending, as he mocks the capabilities of Goblin slayer's party.


Dark Elf considers himself to be an apostle of anarchy and the gods of chaos. Dark Elf was providing goblin hordes in various different places weapons and armors far stronger than what they would have acquired on their own. At some point he killed a friend of Lizard Priest.


Goblin Slayer Volume 3

The culprit behind the disturbance in Water Town, Dark Elf was the one who brought the goblins to the underground sewers and provided them with the necessary guidance and resources for his plan. Dark Elf schemed to depose the Sword Maiden by utilizing her phobia of goblins against her.

During the festival, Dark Elf led a goblin attack in order to summon Hecatoncheir, the hundred-handed giant. He fought against Goblin Slayer and his allies but ended up being brutally killed by Goblin Slayer.[1]


As an agile swordsman, Dark Elf is able to fight Goblin Slayer fairly well in combat. He seems apparently skilled with using a sword as he is able to land a blow that could successfully pierce through the Goblin Slayer's chainmail armor.


  • Unnamed Sword
  • Cursed Artifact: It is an object with the power to summon a beast named Hecatontier. He used this magic item to aid him during the battle with Goblin Slayer's party. 


  • Disintegrate

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