Dwarf Shaman
Personal Information
Japanese 鉱人道士
Romaji Kō Hito Dōshi
Race Dwarf
Job Adventurer
Age 107
Gender Male
Media Information
Voice Actor Yuichi Nakamura
Light Novel Goblin Slayer Volume 1
Manga Chapter 5

Dwarf Shaman (鉱人道士 Kō Hito Dōshi) is a dwarf adventurer and a member of Goblin Slayer's party.


He has a good physique contrary to his height. He has a long beard which he often strokes as a habit. His outfit has an unusual eastern style and he carries what seems to be a bunch of junk on his waist.


He is cheerful and happy most of the time and is almost always arguing with High Elf Archer. As the more mature of the two squabblers, he would occasionally drop the vitriol to give a distraught High Elf Archer reassuring words and advice, only returning to teasing her when she finally cheers up.


Dwarf Shaman became an adventurer to experience exotic tastes that could accompany his fire wine.


Goblin Slayer Volume 1

Dwarf Shaman, along with his party, arrive at the Adventurer's Guild in the frontier to look for Goblin Slayer.

Goblin Slayer Volume 2

Dwarf Shaman along with his part members take Goblin Slayer on a adventure that has to do with goblins.He along with his party take a quest to eliminate goblins underneath the city.


Dwarf Shaman is an experienced adventurer and a spell caster. As a Dwarf he is well versed with metal, stone and alcohol. At first glance, he is able to tell that Goblin Slayer is experienced and strong. He sometimes proves more knowledgeable than High Elf Archer, a sore point for her as she is over 2000 years old while he is only 107.


  • His choice of fashion, ponytail, and elongated earlobes carries an Oriental influence.