Female Spear Warrior

Female-spear warrior

Personal Information
Race Human
Job Adventurer (formerly)


Age Early 20s
Gender Female
Rank Porcelain
Media Information
Light Novel Goblin Slayer Brand New Day Volume 4
Manga Goblin Slayer Brand New Day Manga


She appears as a captured rape victim of a small goblin nest in Chapter 4 of the Goblin Slayer Brand New Day Manga and Volume 4 of the Brand New Day light novel.


Having been captured by Goblins, her spear is broken and given to the Goblin in charge of guard duty. She is then striped and is raped by multiple goblins, the goblin guard being the last one to have his turn. She is beaten over the head with her own spear to which she pleads for the guard to give it back. He ignores her and rapes her as well. Goblin Slayer then arrives and slaughters all the small goblins including the goblin guard who has her spear. She is then taken hostage by the Hobgolin leader hoping to get an advantage over Goblin Slayer. Goblin Slayer drops his broken sword. The Hobgoblin, thinking he's won, is caught off guard when Goblin Slayer rushes him and knees him in the balls. Goblin Slayer quickly dispatches the Hobgoblin. After the fight Goblin Slayer asks Female Spear Warrior if she's alive. She moans as an affirmative. Goblin Slayer then wraps her in a cloth blanket and proceeds to take her out of the cave. He tells her he got her spear back; the shaft is broken but the head is still good. She then begins to cry in relief.