Goblin Champion
Monster Information
Type Goblin
Debut Information
Light Novel Light Novel Volume 1
Anime Episode 6 (cameo)

Goblin Champions () are a rare variant of the goblin race and equivalent to a Silver rank adventurer.


Often mistaken for a Hobgoblin from a distance, a Goblin Champion is much larger in comparison in both muscles mass and equipment, with the height of a minor colossus.


A Goblin Champion is similar to a Hobgoblin in many ways. As Hob was originally an archaic term for a wanderer, a giant, a chief or demon, a Goblin Champion's vast frame and muscles bears testament to those titles. They are Wanderers who have trained their bodies by moving from nest to nest, meeting adventurer after adventurer in combat. Goblin Champions are like adventurers with abundant natural talent who have amassed a wealth of experience points.

Known Goblin Champions



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