Goblin Lord (ゴブリンロード) was a Goblin and major antagonist in Goblin Slayer Vol.1. Leading the raid on the farm, his forces are routed by the Adventurers and he is forced to retreat. Goblin Slayer intercepts him with Priestess and kills him after a duel.


Goblin Lord is taller than normal goblins and far more muscular, having lived and grown over the years. He has a goatee and wears a crown, a cloak, and armor.

Personality Edit

Having lived a long life, the Goblin Lord fancies himself as being far more cunning and intelligent that the other Goblins in his forces. To that end, he is willing to sacrifice them for the sake of getting away, knowing he can grow even more clever and resourceful over time.

He loathes begging for his life and bending knee to any others, especially to humans, and only uses it as a means of getting the upper-hand.

Background Edit

When he was a small child, his nest was killed by a female adventurer and he begged her to spare his life. She did so on the agreement of never doing anything evil again, but the moment she turned her back he knocked her over the head with a rock and then killed her.

From then on he joined many nests, surviving the attacks and growing stronger and wiser where the others died, until he eventually came to rule over a large force of Goblins.

Chronology Edit

He appears leading the Goblin Army force that he'd assembled, with the intention of using the farm where Cow Girl stayed as a beach-head to attack the town. However, his forces are stopped by the Adventurers and every strategy he can unleash was countered until he was left with only Goblin Champions to buy himself time to escape.

As he flees, he intended to rebuild his forces with the women at his nest when Goblin Slayer intercepts him, informing the Goblin Lord that his nest has been destroyed and both had used their armies as a distraction for their own activities. A duel commences as Goblin Lord gains the upper-hand until he is trapped between to barriers by Priestess, and Goblin Slayer kills him.

Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Intelligence: Goblin Lord held the ability to plan and command his forces through intellect it gained over time, making it formidable and ambitious.
  • Above-Average Strength: Using Strength that was above average, it could brandish a large axe to use as a weapon and fight Goblin Slayer to a standstill.

Relationships Edit

Goblins Edit

Goblin Lord only saw those under his command as pawns to use and nothing else. He prioritized himself above them. He is shown treating his subjects poorly, decapitating a fellow goblin in his nest for so much as protesting of his failed invasion.

Goblin Slayer Edit

Regarded him as the one who ruined his plans and had every intention of killing him.


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