Due to his slight mental instability, appearance, and obsession with killing goblins, many are wary of interacting with Goblin Slayer.

Family Edit

Elder Sister Edit

Goblin Slayer deeply loved his elder sister. Her death has greatly affected his psyche, plaguing him even to this day.

Father Edit

As Goblin Slayer lays still observing Goblins, he recalled his sister telling him that "Observation" was one of a Hunter's most valuable skills, and that his father was very good at blending in.

Party Members Edit

Priestess Edit

Priestess was the first party member of Goblin Slayer to work alongside him. They met when he saved her from being raped and killed by goblins. He tries to dissuade her from accompanying him, knowing it would be dangerous, but she follows regardless. He tries to make sure that she won't die in missions by teaching her everything he can to survive.

High Elf Archer Edit

Dwarf Shaman Edit

Lizard Priest Edit

Allies Edit

Cow Girl Edit

Goblin Slayer was best friends with Cow Girl when they were kids. Even after the trauma he suffered and being separated for years, he still cares deeply for her well-being in his own way.

Guild Girl Edit

Guild Girl is one of the few people who is not put off by Goblin Slayer's personality and mannerisms. He tries his best not to annoy or anger her, as she is his only method of receiving quests.

Sword Maiden Edit

Goblin Slayer is not starstruck by her reputation like other adventurers and only sees her as a client. Unbeknownst to him, she has feelings for him.

Enemies Edit

Goblins Edit

Goblin Slayer is obsessed with killing as many goblins as possible.

Dark Elf Edit

As one of the people responsible for sending goblins in the Temple, Goblin Slayer didn't show any mercy as he sliced him till his last breath.