Goblin Slayer Manga Chapter 24
Manga Chapter 24
GS Manga Chapter 24 Cover
Chapter Information
Chapter No: 24
Adapted From: Light Novel Volume 2
Pages No:  ???
Release Date (JP) ???
Release Date (US) ???
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This is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Goblin Slayer Manga.

Official Story

Goblin Slayer is a Silver-ranked adventurer who hunts nothing but goblins. He encounters a goblin champion in the water town sewers, and is badly wounded.
— Chapter 24's official description.

Full Summary

Goblin Slayer is having a dream about his time training with his master.

Major Events

  • More insight on Goblin Slayer's past training with his master within a cave.
  • Goblin Slayer's broken body is completely restored after experiencing the miracle Resurrection.
  • Sword Maiden removes the black kerchief covering her eyes, showing that she is half blind.
  • Sword Maiden reveals she was raped and blinded by goblins in the distant past.
  • A hidden staircase was discovered in the spot where Goblin Slayer's body crashed into.

Character Appearance

In Order of Appearance

New Characters

  • None

Abilities Used

In Order of Caster and Ability used

  • Sword Maiden & Priestess
    • Resurrection Miracle

Known Locations

In Order of Appearance

  • Burglar's Cave (Flashback)
  • Temple of Law

Chapter Notes

State the difference between the Anime, Manga and Light Novel here.


  • For clarification, the ritual of the miracle "Resurrection" does not require the virgin to give their virginity, therefore no sexual intercourse is involved.
  • This chapter first appears in Monthly Big Gangane July 2018 Issue.