Goblin Slayer Manga Chapter 6
Manga Chapter 6

Chapter Information
Chapter No: 6
Adapted From: Light Novel Volume 1
Pages No: 35 Pages
Release Date (JP/ENG): February 25, 2017 / March 20, 2018
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This is the sixth chapter of the Goblin Slayer manga.

Official Story

Full Summary

The party makes camp on the way to their destination. They enjoy themselves as they converse and share the delicacies they brought with them. After some rest, they arrive at their goal the following morning. Goblin Slayer notices something odd about this particular nest however, and leads the party cautiously into the ruins, where they find a room of vile refuse with an imprisoned elf.

Major Events

  • First quest taken on by Goblin Slayer's current party.

Character Appearance

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Chapter Notes

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