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Guild Girl (受付嬢 Uketsuke Jō) is a young woman who runs the Adventurer Guild's front office in the Frontier as a receptionist and hands out contracts to adventurers.

Appearance Edit

She is a beautiful woman with a hallow gold hair tied into a side plait and yellow-gold eyes. She is usually seen wearing her guild uniform.

Personality Edit

  • Big Damn Heroes: She is the one who provides the last push into convincing the adventurers to assist Goblin Slayer against the Goblin Lord. Veterans and rookies alike were skittish about the situation because even they knew fighting an entire goblin army was incredibly dangerous, and Goblin Slayer just didn't have the money or charisma to make the risk worth it. Guild Girl managed to convince the Guild into turning Goblin Slayer's plea into an official mission with a generous reward (one gold coin per goblin head), winning the adventurers over.

Guild Girl is a empathetic individual, showing concern over the villages pleading for help against the goblins, and is exasperated from how few experienced adventurers would take such jobs. This problem would leave inexperienced rookies to die from them or worse. She also dislikes having handle the paperwork for the annihilation of an adventurer party.

She is also deeply angered by the adventurers who refuse to take goblin quests, even though it would save many lives, simply because of lack of monetary reward, lack of fame from doing so, of simple disinterest.

She has developed a dislike for boisterous individuals, due to dealing with them on a daily basis, and has developed a type for silent and stoic men.

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She trained in the capital as a receptionist and at the age of 15, she graduated and later departs from the capital going to Goblin Slayer's city, became a Guild receptionist around the same time Goblin Slayer became an adventurer.

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  • She's one of the few characters outside of Goblin Slayer who understands how dangerous goblins really are. She muses to herself how goblin attacks are on the rise more and more and villagers are desperate for help, but lack the funds to hire skilled adventurers. This is ultimately why she holds so much contempt for most silver-ranked adventurers outside of Goblin Slayer. He's willing to take any goblin job, while his fellow silver rankers refuse them due to the low reward.