Allies Edit

Goblin Slayer Edit

Guild Girl has a very positive opinion of Goblin Slayer, being one of the few adventurers who frequently take up goblin quests and save the lives of simple villagers. She holds a great deal of respect for Goblin Slayer, due to his willingness to take on many goblin contracts which others that would not bother to do. This feeling of hers toward Goblin Slayer has grown to the point that she develop a new profound affection for him when it comes to romance.

Spearman Edit

Guild Girl finds Spearman's advances annoying and has shown no interest in him romantically.

Priestess Edit

Guild Girl is happy that Priestess is accompanying Goblin Slayer, thinking he needs companions. However, she is also envy over the fact how Priestess gets to spend so much time with him.

Cow Girl Edit

Guild Girl is a little jealous over Cow Girl's closeness with Goblin Slayer.