Heavy Swordsman is a silver ranked adventurer. He is currently acting as an instructor, teaching new adventurers basic combat.


Heavy Swordsman is a tall man with short jet black hair and a chiseled face.


Heavy Swordsman is stoic and straightforward. Whenever he speaks, he is direct about whatever topic he is talking about. He seems to feel a thrill when fighting strong opponents, as he was overjoyed to fight goblin champions.


Heavy Swordsman is typically partied with Female Knight.


Heavy Swordsman was first seen helping new adventurers learn basic combat.


Heavy Swordsman is a powerful adventurer, able to go against multiple goblin champions single-handedly. He is also capable of fighting using his fists, even while wielding his sword.

Equipment Edit

Heavy Swordsman's only weapon is a large great sword. He is so strong that he can effectively wield his gigantic weapon with only one hand.

Trivia Edit

  • He bears a resemblance to Guts from Berserk.