Heavy Swordsman

Heavy Warrior (Manga)

Personal Information
Japanese Japanese
Race Human
Job Adventurer
Age Age?
Gender Male
Media Information
Light Novel Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Goblin Slayer Chapter 2

Heavy Swordsman is a silver ranked adventurer. He is currently acting as an instructor, teaching new adventurers basic combat.


Heavy Swordsman is a tall man with short jet black hair and a chiseled face.

He wears a black suit of armor, with no helmet, and a cape.


Heavy Swordsman is stoic and straightforward. Whenever he speaks, he is direct about whatever topic he is talking about. He seems to feel a thrill when fighting strong opponents, as he was overjoyed to fight goblin champions.


Heavy Swordsman is typically partied with Female Knight.


Goblin Slayer Volume 1

Heavy Swordsman was first seen helping new adventurers learn basic combat.


Heavy Swordsman is a powerful adventurer, able to go against multiple goblin champions single-handedly. He is also capable of fighting using his fists, even while wielding his sword.


Heavy Swordsman's only weapon is a large great sword. He is so strong that he can effectively wield his gigantic weapon with only one hand.


  • He bears a resemblance to Guts from Berserk.