Heavy Warrior


Heavy Warrior (Manga)


Personal Information
Japanese 重戦士
Race Human
Job Adventurer
Gender Male
Rank Silver
Affiliation Adventurer's Guild
Media Information
Voice Actor Daiki Hamano (Japanese)
Chad Halbrook (English)
Light Novel Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 2
Anime Goblin Slayer Episode 02

Heavy Warrior is a silver ranked adventurer. He is currently acting as an instructor teaching new adventurers basic combat.


Heavy Warrior is a tall man with short jet black hair and a chiseled face. he also has too large scars on his left cheek from one of his first quests.

He wears a black suit of armor, with no helmet, and a cape. Fitting to his name, he wields a large heavy sword.


Heavy Warrior is a straightforward adventurer who feels a thrill when fighting strong opponents. He does have a softer side behind his gruffness however, caring deeply for Female Knight and often taking upon himself to train and protect younger adventurers.



Goblin Slayer Volume 1

Heavy Warrior was first seen helping new adventurers learn basic combat. He later participates with numerous other adventurers in the battle against the Goblin Lord.

Goblin Slayer Volume 4

Heavy Warrior leads a temporary party with Spearman and Goblin Slayer to investigate a mysterious tower. There, they confront many gargoyles summoned by the Evil Wizard within it, before killing the wizard by throwing him off the tower.


Heavy Warrior is a powerful adventurer, able to go against multiple goblin champions single-handedly and exchange or deflect incoming attacks from them. With a single swing, he is capable of shattering gargoyles or even cutting a Goblin Champion in half.


  1. Two-handed sword: A large claymore which he can hold with one hand.
  2. Strength potion: A red liquid potion that enhances the consumer's strength. [1]
  3. Ring of Might: A enchantment ring with a shining red ruby on it, that enhances his strength once equipped. [1][2]
  4. Magical Sword: A singled handed sword that has magic properties, which the Heavy Warrior carries in his backpack.[1]
  5. Braces of Expectational Swordsmanship: Braces which have strength enhancing properties, though not as effective as the strength potion or physical-boost enchantment ring. [1]
  6. Magic Gloves: Gloves with magic properties which he often equips. Like his braces, while they do enhance his strength they are not as effective the equipment in his backpack.[1]


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