Companions Edit

Goblin Slayer Edit

High Elf Archer had a low first impression of Goblin Slayer due to his appearance and equipment. Seeing him in action has changed her view of him greatly.

She's easily exasperated by Goblin Slayer's antics, not to mention that her brashness clashes with his frank attitude. Nevertheless, she appears to hold him in high regard, always being one of the first to jump to his aid, and does little to hide her pleasure whenever he acknowledges her.

High Elf Archer dislikes Goblin Slayer's way of life; she takes on adventures for the gratification of exploring lands and discovering new things. Goblin Slayer's jobs leaves only nightmares, exhaustion, and numbness. She vows to take him to a "real" adventurer someday and change his mind.

Dwarf Shaman Edit

High Elf Archer and Dwarf Shaman frequently argue about a variety of topics. Despite this, they do care for one another as comrades and will fight to save each other's lives.

Priestess Edit

As the only females in their group, High Elf Archer and Priestess seem to get along well.