Goblin Slayer! Volume 03
LN Vol 03 cover
Volume Information
Japanese Title ゴブリンスレイヤー 3
Romaji Goburin Sureiyā
Chinese Title 哥布林杀手 3
Korean Title 고블린 슬레이어 3
Written by Kumo Kagyu
Illustrated by Noboru Kannatuki
Series Goblin Slayer!
Pages 296 (Japanese)
208 (English)
Featured In Cover Cow Girl, Goblin Slayer
Date of Release September 14, 2016 (Japanese)

August 22, 2017 (English)

ISBN ISBN 978-4-7973-8834-3
Character Debut
Character Debut Sword Maiden
Audio Drama Audio Drama
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Goblin Slayer! Volume 3 is the third volume in the Goblin Slayer series

Official Synopsis

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  • Chapter 1: Harvest Moon
  • Interlude: Of a Surprisingly Troublesome Woman
  • Chapter 2: Festival's Eve
  • Interlude: Of Concern Over This Year's Offering
  • Chapter 3: The Harvest Festival Brings Dreams
  • Interlude: Of the Mother Superior's Preparations for the Festival
  • Chapter 4: It's Your Smile That Matters
  • Interlude: Of the Gods' Creating a New Scenario
  • Chapter 5: A Scenario Overturned
  • Interlude: Of the Mastermind, Quite Full of Himself Behind the Scenes
  • Chapter 6: Seven Powers
  • Interlude: Of the Honored Hero and Her First Hail Mary Attack
  • Chapter 7: Cherish the Simple Days