Goblin Slayer! Volume 04
LN Vol 04 cover
Volume Information
Japanese Title ゴブリンスレイヤー 4
Romaji Goburin Sureiyā
Chinese Title 哥布林杀手 4
Korean Title 고블린 슬레이어 4
Written by Kumo Kagyu
Illustrated by Noboru Kannatuki
Series Goblin Slayer!
Pages 0 (Japanese)
208 (English)
Featured In Cover Guild Girl, Goblin Slayer
Date of Release January 13, 2017 (Japanese)

December 19, 2017 (English)

ISBN ISBN 978-4-7973-8955-5
Character Debut
Audio Drama Audio Drama
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Goblin Slayer! Volume 4 is the fourth novel of the Goblin Slayer series.



  • Chapter 1: Of Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Priestess
  • Chapter 2: Of a Certain Little Boy
  • Chapter 3: Of a Tavern Waitress
  • Chapter 4: Of a Perfectly Ordinary Goblin Nest
  • Chapter 5: Of a Day When He Isn't There
  • Chapter 6: Of the Destruction of the Demon-Enthralled Temple of Doom
  • Chapter 7: Of the Second Time the Necromancer's Plans Were Upset
  • Chapter 8: Of an Elf's Lazy Day
  • Chapter 9: Of the Three of Them, Some Months Ago
  • Chapter 10: Of Going There and Back Again