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Lizard Priest (蜥蜴僧侶, Tokage Sōryo) is a lizardman adventurer and party member with High Elf, Dwarf Shaman, Goblin Slayer and Priestess.

Appearance Edit

Lizard Priest is taller than average humans, with green skin and horns on his head. His intimidating visage and towering stature makes him come off as unnerving, even to his friends. He wears what is presumed to be the traditional garb among priests in his species.

Personality Edit

  • He is a very calm and composed person. He cares deeply about nature due to his religion. He is also extremely enamored with the taste of cheese, which he finds exotic as his people do not raise livestock.
  • Combat Medic / Magic Knight: In addition to using miracles for summoning and healing, he can also conjure a blade for hand-to-hand combat.
  • Large Ham: He has his moments, particularly around cheese, proclaiming it to be as nectar to the gods. And when he hears a goblin horde is headed towards the farm Goblin Slayer gets the cheese from?

Goblin Slayer: That farm is where the cheese is made.

Lizard Priest: Truly!? Then my wrath upon those tiny devils shall know no bounds!

  • Nice Guy: Sans the Priestess, he is the most soft-spoken, even-tempered, and sociable member of the party.

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

Lizard Priest arrives alongside his companions to ask Guild Girl about Goblin Slayer's location.

Abilities Edit

Lizard Priest can use his magic or sword to fight. Like Priestess, he can also heal, but presumably not as well as she can.

Magic Edit

  • Summon Magic: He can use catalysts to summon a Dragon-Tooth Warrior, a bipedal draconid skeleton, as an ally. He can also summon a sword that will not grow dull.

Trivia Edit

  • His clothing heavily resembles Native American clothing.
  • He loves eating cheese.