Ogre was one of the generals of the Demon Lord

Appearance Edit

Ogre was a large monster, towering over Goblin Slayer and his allies.

Personality Edit

Ogre was arrogant and vicious, telling Goblin Slayer and his allies that they will all die with certainty.

Background Edit

Ogre was appointed as one of the Demon Lord's generals some time in the past. To fulfill his mission, he amassed an army of goblins.

Chronology Edit

Ogre awoke from sleeping after all of his subordinates were killed by Goblin Slayer and his party. He attacked the party, and with his might overwhelmed them all, almost instantly. He was ultimately killed by Goblin Slayer.

Abilities Edit

Ogre was a powerful monster, able to defeat every adventurer he had come across; all of them at most at silver rank. He was also capable of casting Fireball.

Relationships Edit

Goblins Edit

Ogre considered goblins to be a weak and useless race.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first non-goblin monster we have seen Goblin Slayer kill.

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