LN Vol 01-08


Anime Episode 4 Ogre Introduction

Personal Information
Race Ogre
Status Deceased
Job Demon Lord General
Gender Male
Affiliation Demon Lord
Died Volume 1
Media Information
Voice Actor Riki Kagami (Japanese)
Marcus D. Stimac (English)
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 8
Anime Episode 4

Ogre was one of the Demon Lord's sixteen generals.


Ogre was a large monster, towering over Goblin Slayer and his allies. He wore a large loincloth adorned with several skulls.


Ogre was arrogant and vicious, shown when he told Goblin Slayer's party that they will all die with certainty. He also cared nothing for the goblins he had made his subordinates. However, Ogre shared the sadism of the goblins, as he had confined an elf for use a plaything.


Ogre was appointed as one of the Demon Lord's generals some time in the past. To fulfill his mission, he amassed an army of goblins.


Goblin Slayer Volume 2

Ogre awoke from sleeping after all of his subordinates were killed by Goblin Slayer and his party. He attacked the party, and with his might overwhelmed them almost instantly. Before ultimately being killed by Goblin Slayer, he spent his last moments being enraged that he was being disregarded, and in fear of actually dying.


Ogre was a powerful monster, able to defeat every adventurer he had come across; all of them at most at silver rank. He was also capable of casting Fireball.

His wounds in his legs healed in rapid time but not the severe parts to regenerate when he was sliced into two by Magic Scroll.


  • He is the first non-goblin monster that Goblin Slayer killed in battle.
  • Unlike goblins, he speaks human language.