Padfoot Waitress



Personal Information
Race Padfoot[1]
Job Waitress
Gender Female
Affiliation Adventurer's Guild
Media Information
Light Novel Goblin Slayer Volume 4
Manga Chapter 15

Padfoot Waitress[1] is a young woman who runs the Adventurer's Guild tavern in the Frontier as a waitress.


Padfoot Waitress is a curvaceous young woman with brown hair, lupine ears, and a tail. She wears a fancy but also traditional medieval waitress uniform.


Padfoot Waitress also has a great deal of pride in her abilities as a waitress and chef. She is very friendly and is compassionate toward her clients; she gives extra food out to Adventurers who can't afford food but need it.


Goblin Slayer Volume 4

After Goblin Slayer refused to eat in the tavern, Padfoot Waitress spent the next few days trying to make a meal that Goblin Slayer would eat, but to no avail. She later had a talk with Cow Girl, who told Padfoot Waitress the recipe for a stew that Goblin Slayer's sister used to make for him. The following day, she made and gave the stew to Goblin Slayer, who accepted her offer for a taste. She briefly celebrated after he said it was not bad, but stopped after he declined her offer to order the stew. Padfoot Waitress was then told that someone was waiting for him for dinner. Realizing that he meant no ill will, Padfoot Waitress gave up and offered everyone there the rest of the stew as a house special.[1]

Later on, she takes time to be a spectator of Priestess, Cow Girl, High Elf Archer, Guild Girl, and Inspector playing a tabletop game with great interest.[2]


As a waitress, she can take down multiple orders and can multitask between different patrons. She is also a good cook.


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