GS Smith

Smith anime

Personal Information
Race Human
Job Smith
Gender Male
Media Information
Voice Actor Voice Actor
Light Novel Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Goblin Slayer Chapter 10
Anime Episode 5
"You make a lot of orders, but it's always cheap stuff. Bah! Just makes more work for me."
- Smith grumbles on the nature of Goblin Slayer's regular orders for him.

Smith (), also known as the "old man", is the local blacksmith whose establishment is close to the Adventurer's Guild.


Smith is a short, robust-looking old man with thinning white hair on his head. He is frequently seen to keep his right eye closed and sprouts a mustache paired with a beard. Normally, he appears to be clad in a sturdy blacksmith apron and black gloves.


Smith is a practical individual who questions adventurers who value style over safety and pragmatism.


Smith is presumably a good blacksmith, due to all the adventurers that get their equipment from him.


Smith was giving armor and weapon to a new adventurer, noting that so many of them don't bother with practicality anymore.


Goblin Slayer Goblin Slayer Volume 1


  • Smith is one of about three people who recognize Goblin Slayer without his armor. The other two being Cow girl and her uncle.


  • (To his assistant about Goblin Slayer): "Heh! Only a munchkin would use an enchanted sword against Goblins. He knows his business well."