Spearman and the Witch are partners, and the two are often seen together. It can be inferred that the two are very close friends. It is hinted that she has a romantic feelings for him.

Goblin Slayer

Spearman possesses some dislike for Goblin Slayer, due to the latter's appearance and personality. He always grumbles about how he can get Guild Girl's attention when he himself can't. Despite this, he doesn't genuinely hate the fellow adventurer as he was the first person willing to help Goblin Slayer protect Cow Girl's farm. It a running gag that he can't recall Goblin Slayer's face.

He is one of the people Goblin Slayer trusted mostly in case of delivering some package that carries his special items to be used mostly against the goblins. He is also the one who taught Goblin Slayer to use his status as a Silver Rank Adventurer if the market shops show any poor treatment.

Guild Girl

Spearman is infatuated by Guild Girl and frequently flirts with or makes attempts to impress her. However, Goblin Slayer unintentionally catches Guild Girl's attention first, much to his annoyance.

Heavy Swordsman