Sword Maiden


Sword Maiden (Manga)

Sword Maiden Full Body

Personal Information
Japanese 剣の乙女
Romaji Tsurugi no Otome
On'na shikyō [1]
Race Human
Age 25+
Gender Female
Rank Gold (formerly)
Affiliation Supreme God
Media Information
Voice Actor Aya Endō (Japanese)
Meg McClain (English)
Light Novel Goblin Slayer Volume 2
Manga Chapter 18
Anime Episode 5 (Cameo)
Episode 6 (Debut)
"With these eyes, I see many things... things you cannot imagine..."
- Sword Maiden

Sword Maiden (剣の乙女, Tsurugi no Otome) is a former gold-ranked adventurer who currently serves as the Temple of Law's Archbishop of the Supreme God.


Sword Maiden is an beautiful blonde woman whose eyes are often covered with a blindfold. She wears white robes with blue outlines that slightly resembles Priestess's main outfit and a golden decoration around her hip. Her body is covered in several faint white lines that have all mostly healed by the time the events of the story takes place. Her eyes, which she keeps behind a blindfold, were less so. [3]


Sword Maiden is a calm and serene person who doesn't normally get upset with others.

However, this masks the depression and anxiety beneath her exterior, as the trauma that was born from her experience as a captive of goblins follows her to this day. It was only thanks to meeting Goblin Slayer that it has lessened.


Before she became renown, Sword Maiden was once captured by goblins and tortured mercilessly. Yet, she somehow escaped and later became an adventurer.

She made her mark in history ten years ago by defeating the Demon Lord. In particular, she put an end to the machinations of an order known as the Evil Sect. Even ten years later, the group is no closer to summoning their god thanks to her power and influence.


Goblin Slayer Volume 2

Having heard of Goblin Slayer’s achievements, Sword Maiden enlists him and his party to slay goblins infesting the sewers underneath Water Town, the city her temple oversees.

However, once they destroyed the portal allowing the goblins through, Goblin Slayer approached Sword Maiden and proclaimed that she knew the circumstances behind the goblin nest in the sewers, as he had concluded the alligator in there was a familiar. Sword Maiden admitted she took baths to cover the wounds and stench she shared with the alligator and apologized for not showing her best side to his young friend. She added that although the Demon Lord forces behind everything were vanquished, there were still goblins beneath the town; she wanted the people to fear the goblins as she did, but ultimately, nobody was able to. Sword Maiden asked Goblin Slayer if he shared her feelings, and was deeply saddened to hear his blunt denial. However, he promised that he will slay any goblins upon request, including the ones in her dreams. Moved to tears of joy, Sword Maiden exclaimed that he was the object of her adoration.

Goblin Slayer Volume 4

She had a conversation with The King regarding the recent crises occurring around them as well as reminiscing old times and how they struggle with their new positions. [4]


As a former gold-ranked adventurer, Sword Maiden is one of the most powerful humans on the planet. As an Archbishop, she also possesses both religious and political influence.


  • Resurrection「蘇生 (リザレクション) Sosei (Rizarekushon)」: After sleeping with a virgin, both the latter and the user get a major recovery from any injuries they have previously received. She was able to cast it on Priestess and Goblin Slayer.
  • Appraisal (鑑定, Kantei) : Although she is blind, this skill gives her the ability to sense the presence of the person she interacts with. [5]


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