Tavern Waitress



Personal Information
Japanese タバーンウェイトレス
Race Padhuman
Job Waitress
Age 20
Gender Female
Hobby Trying to cook new dishes.
Media Information
Light Novel Goblin Slayer Volume 4
Manga Goblin Slayer Manga Chapter 15

Tavern Waitress is a young woman who runs the Adventurer Guild's tavern in the Frontier as a waitress.


She is a beautiful curvaceous young woman with brown hair, lupine ears, and a wolf tail.


She is very friendly and is very observant about her clients; she even gives extra food out to Adventurers who can't afford some food but need it. Tavern Waitress also has a great deal of pride in her abilities as a waitress and chef. She also likes to bring extra food she cooks to the Smith's Apprentice.


Goblin Slayer Volume 4

She spends a couple days trying to make a meal that Goblin Slayer will eat in the tavern. Eventually, after asking advice, she accepts that he just doesn't want to eat at her tavern but does like her cooking.

Later she takes time to be a spectator of Priestess, Cow Girl, High Elf Archer, Guild Girl, and Apprentice Cleric's tabletop game with great interest.

Goblin Slayer Brand New Day Manga Chapter 3

On a busy day at the tavern, Goblin Slayer's party arrives at the Tavern wanting to rest and eat. However, after asking what he'd like to eat, Goblin Slayer rebuffs Tavern Waitress's question. That evening she takes what left over of the fish special to Smith Apprentice And tells him how Goblin Slayer ignored her and wonders why he won't eat at the tavern. Smith Apprentice suggests that he may have eaten before his coming there but that he heard that Goblin Slayer likes beef stew. The next day she tries making beef stew under the tutelage of the Chef. While the end product tastes good it ends up looking like the color of blood. When she takes the extra to Smith Apprentice she finds out he wanted to eat beef stew rather than it being one of Goblin Slayer's favorite meals. Again they talk about why Goblin Slayer won't eat at the tavern to which Smith Apprentice tells her to ask Cow Girl. The next day she and Cow Girl have a talk and Cow Girl tells her the recipe for a stew that Goblin Slayer's Sister used to make for him. However when she makes it the following day and has Goblin Slayer try it, he still rebuffs her when she asks if he wanted to order a bowl. He tells her he has someone waiting for him for dinner. She realizes he means no insult to her and that he's referring to Cow Girl. Giving up she then offers the rest of the stew as a house special to everyone there.

Goblin Slayer Brand New Day manga Chapter 5

After having the day off with little to do, Cow Girl and Priestess eventually make their to the basement of the Guild to find Tavern Waitress, Guild Girl, High Elf Archer, and the other receptionist playing a table top game. While they play another game Tavern Waitress cleans behind them.


As a waitress, she can take down multiple orders and can multitask between different patrons. She is also a good cook.


  • She has an admiration to Goblin Slayer like the other girls in the guild. She is also one of the few female minor characters that repeatedly try let her meals get tasted by Goblin Slayer himself.