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BND Priestess


Personal Information
Race Human
Status Deceased
Job Adventurer
(Priestess of the god of Knowledge)
Gender Female
Rank Obsidian
Died Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day Chapter 6
Media Information
Manga Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day Chapter 6

BND (Brand New Day) Priestess was a female adventurer accompanying a party of adventurers guarding a traveling merchant.[1]


BND Priestess had long black that reached to her thighs. She wore similar looking robes to Priestess but with a shorter hat. She also wore black thigh-high stockings and carried a staff similar to the one Priestess carries.


Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day

The BND Priestess was with her party while travelling with a merchant, and commented on how wonderful the day was. They spot what they think is a bird, but upon seeing it was something that appeared to be a demon, she is snatched and lifted into the air, while its claws dug into her skin. The scout attempted to free her by shooting the creature with a crossbow, only for the creature to block the arrow using the priestess; it hit her upper right thigh. She then deduces that the creature was not a demon, but a gargoyle. Before she could communicate her discovery, a magic spell cast by the scout causes the creature to lose its grip on her. Free-falling, she cries out desperately for help from the god of knowledge in vain before hitting the ground.[1]


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