LN Warrior

Warrior fixed

Goblin Slayer anime Warrior

Personal Information
Race Human
Status Deceased
Job Adventurer
Age 16
Gender Male
Rank Porcelain
Affiliation Adventurer's Guild
Died Volume 1
Media Information
Voice Actor Yasuaki Takumi (Japanese)
Tyler Carson (English)
Light Novel Goblin Slayer Volume 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1

Warrior was an adventurer in a newbie party that was tasked with a goblin slaying quest.


Warrior wore a breastplate and had numerous bandages on his face.


Warrior was brash and arrogant, believing that he and his team would easily be able to destroy a goblin nest without any prior preparation.


Warrior was a childhood friend of Fighter, whom he grew up with. When he was young, he listened to the stories of adventurers, which led to him wanting to become one himself.


Goblin Slayer Volume 1

Warrior was a rookie adventurer in a party with Wizard, Priestess and Fighter. They took on a job to exterminate goblins believing it would be easy. However, upon entering the goblins' cave, they were ambushed. Warrior managed to kill several goblins but was stabbed in the leg by a goblin. As he attempted to swing his sword again, it fell off his hand when it hit the side of the cave and Warrior was swarmed and hacked to death by goblins.


Warrior was a rookie who seemed to have some combat training and a limited amount of experience. Specifically, he stated that his party, before Priestess joined had dealt with goblins before. Given that he attempted to use his long-sword in a confined space, it is likely that he meant goblins in an open area, as opposed to tracking them to their caves and wiping out a nest.