Witch (魔女) is a silver ranked adventurer.


Witch is a human woman with long hair and wears a revealing set of witch clothing.

Personality Edit

Witch is a helpful woman who offers advice to those she thinks needs it.

Background Edit

Witch once helped Goblin Slayer set the destination of a gate scroll he obtained.

Chronology Edit

She was first seen helping Priestess get away from a pair of newbies who wanted to scout her. She also gave her advice on her situation with Goblin Slayer.

Abilities Edit

Witch is a powerful magic caster and an experienced adventurer.

Relationships Edit

Companions Edit

Spearman Edit

Witch is Spearman's only party member.

Allies Edit

Goblin Slayer Edit

Unlike most other adventurers, Witch respects Goblin Slayer and is willing to help him out when asked.

Priestess Edit

Witch seems to like Priestess, helping her out when other adventurers were trying to recruit her, and giving her advice about how to proceed with Goblin Slayer.

Trivia Edit


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