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Female Knight is a silver ranked adventurer and party member with Heavy Swordsman.


Woman Knight is a young woman with long blonde hair and wears white armor.

Personality Edit

Female Knight is an adventurer with pride in her skills, but secretly hosts insecurities about how this has left her appearing to be less than womanly in the eyes of her partner, Heavy Swordsman, who she harbors romantic feelings for.

Chronology Edit

Female Knight first appears during a training session with some rookie adventurers after Guild Girl had begun a training program in the hopes that it would reduce the number of deaths among beginners along with Heavy Swordsman. When she learns that there is an approaching Goblin Horde in the final events of Volume 1, she initially refuses to act until Heavy Swordsman decided to participate and Guild Girl offered 1 gold per goblin head. During the battle, she and Heavy Swordsman backed one another against a Goblin Champion, creating an opening for her partner to get the kill, but was distraught that killing such a fearsome foe was still only worth a single gold.

During the events of Volume 3, she was indecisive as she tried to figure out something to wear in the hopes that she could impress Heavy Swordsman while talking to Goblin Slayer. She eventually settled on wearing a blue dress while hanging around with him during the Harvest Festival, being spotted by Guild Girl and gesturing for her to keep it a secret.

Abilities Edit

Female Knight is a fighter skilled in the use of a long sword and shield, and is considered a veteran among other adventurers as she answered the call for only those with experience to face-off against the Goblin Champions.

Trivia Edit