Young Mage


Personal Information
Japanese 少年魔術師
Romaji Shàonián móshù shī
Race Human
Job Adventurer
Age Under 15
Gender Male
Rank Porcelain
Family Wizard (Sister)
Media Information
Light Novel Goblin Slayer Volume 6

Young Mage (少年魔術師) is an adventurer who is the younger brother of the late Wizard.[1]


Young Mage wears a green tunic with blue pants and wears glasses. He has red colored hair identical to his sister. He also carries around a smaller magical staff.


Young Mage has a short temper, which makes others in the guild regard him as annoying. Because of his lack of skill, he has yet to reach a rank higher than Porcelain.


Young Mage take a day off from the same magical academy in the capital a couple of years after his sister did. After learning his sister had been killed during her very first adventure, he traveled to the Eastern guild town to find out what happened.


After take a day from the Magical academy in the capital, Young Mage tried to become an adventurer. While he successfully joined the guild, his temper and annoying habits pushed him out of all the parties he tried to join. As such, he had had very little experience and his rank had not risen past Porcelain in three years.

Goblin Slayer Light Novel Volume 6

After news arrived to him that his sister had been killed on her very first quest, he immediately traveled to East Guild town to find out what exactly happened to her. Once there, he learned that a man called Goblin Slayer had given her a mercy kill. Young Mage confronted Goblin Slayer and directly blamed him for his sister's death; stating he should have gotten there sooner or gone with them. Seeing him being accused of this, Priestess scolds him and explains the exact circumstances of her death as she was there when it happened; Young Mage later learned that Goblin Slayer had also lost his sister to a goblin attack and that they were on the same mission.




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